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Our Philosophy



At Easter Rising Farm we keep in mind the Scripture; “birds of the air, bless The Lord; praise and exalt Him above all forever...cattle and beasts, bless The Lord; praise and exalt Him above all forever.” Good farming, along with being a good customer, does not force a creature to live contrary to its nature. Rather, it cultivates that nature and makes it as fruitful as possible.  This is good health, good economics, and, ultimately-- with God as the farmer of your soul-- holy living.

Healthy, harmonious farming brings everything to the soil, brings animals and plants together, brings the farmer together with those in her care, brings together her family, brings together land and city, and brings all things together to God. “Pater meus agricola est.” Good work provides wholesome food around which our families can be brought together to sing their thanks.

We strive to do all this by raising up nature so our soil and animals can thrive.  With them, we provide real food with which your family can flourish.  By welcoming your family to the farm, we keep our economy free and responsible.  We are committed to farming with you, because we are all co-workers in stewardship of our families and communities. Food is just the beginning! Make a farmer part of your community.

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We will always be open to customer-inspection. Not only is this far more rigorous than the FDA, but this sort of principle is necessary to self-government.  It also reinforces customer/producer cooperation.  We want our customers to farm with us in this way. In fact, several of our customers have helped with processing their chicken; I can think of no better inspection than that.  We believe that building up local, personal business relationships is absolutely necessary to the spirit of self-government.


Small, sustainable farms avoid the hidden costs that are usually part of conventional agriculture. For example, because we process only 100 or so chickens at a time, we can easily compost the offal, and the water we use is easily assimilated by our woods and pasture. This avoids the ground-water pollution often found with large-scale productions and paid for with your tax dollars and the community’s health.  Moreover, with sustainable, personal-scale agriculture, there is not the big-government collusion and dependency found in the large corporations.

Our economy is complex; tax cuts, subsidies, and regulations are not categorically good or bad.  Their complex interrelation can favor the small or the big, the common good or the private interest, the liberty of all or the power of the few. While learning as much as you can about every detail of our economy and governance, one rule should always be followed; take responsibility. Govern yourself, as a person, as a family, as a community.  And we can begin this by keeping our economy oursMake a farmer part of your community.