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For the sake of economy, the quality of your produce, and the health of our livestock, we operate on a seasonal basis. Please reserve your food in advance. A standard deposit is a way customers can participate in the raising of their food.

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Our order form for the 2015-16 season is available! You can print out the form below and mail it in.

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By-The-Item Purchasing

GMO-Free Chicken is priced at $4.45 p/lb if picked up here at the farm. You can have your bird prepared in cuts for another $2.00 per bird.

GMO-Free Turkeys are available in November. Arrange your purchase before Thanksgiving. We sell them whole, at about 20 pounds, or in cuts for an additional $2.00. Turkeys are $3.00 p/lb if picked up here at the farm, and $3.50 p/lb if delivered. They can be purchased fresh or frozen.

Beef: Wholes & Sides

Our beeves are processed at a local inspected butcher. If you wish to buy a whole or side of beef, the total cost is $6.00 p/lb.

Beef: Cuts

Ground Beef: $5.10 p/lb

Ground Chuck: $6.10 p/lb

Ribeye Steak: $17.10 p/lb

T-Bone: $19.10 p/lb

Filet Mignon: $25.10 p/lb

Chuck Roast: $8.10 p/lb

Rump: $8.10 p/lb

Sirloin Tip: $8.10 p/lb

Round: $8.10 p/lb

Cube: $8.10 p/lb

Flank: $13.10 p/lb

Ribs: $4.10 p/lb

Liver: $5.10 p/lb


Pork: Wholes & Sides


Our hogs are processed at our local inspected butcher. If you wish to buy a whole or side of pork, the total cost is $5.00 p/lb.

Pork: Cuts

Ground Pork: $5.10 p/lb

Bacon- Standard: $6.10 p/lb

Bacon- Nitrite Free: $9.60 p/lb

Shoulder Roast: $7.10 p/lb

Loin Roast: $7.10 p/lb

Whole Ham: $7.10 p/lb

Pork Chops: $7.60 p/lb

Ham Steaks: $7.60 p/lb

Ribs: $4.10 p/lb

Hocks, Stew Bones, Organ Meat: $3.10 p/lb


Lamb can be purchased by the whole or side. The total cost is $7.00 p/lb.


Our heritage laying hens are entirely free-range and eat only natural forage. Chicken eggs are $3.50 a dozen. We also have a few ducks. Duck eggs are $7.00 a dozen.

  prices for 2015-16 season

Reserving Your Order

To place an order, simply contact us at:

Mobile: 704-798-6071 (Joshua Mincher; farm manager)

Alternate: 812-667-2596 (Farm number)

Email: easterrisingfarm@gmail.com

Picking Up Your Order

Chickens and Turkeys are butchered here in our own facility. They can be picked up right here on the farm, fresh on the day they are butchered. Members of our CSA have additional delivery options at Madeira, Lawrenceburg, and Western Hills.

You are more than welcome to come and watch the preparation of your food. Some of our customers even lend a hand. We strongly encourage customer inspection of our practices and facilities.

Beef, Lamb, and Pork is prepared at a local, state-inspected abattoir. Beef and Lamb is collected by the customer at least two weeks after slaughter, to give the beef time to hang properly. Pork is collected between two and ten days after slaughter, depending on how the customer wants the meat prepared.

We will transport the animals to the abattoir for slaughter. The butcher will readily answer any and all questions regarding processing options, rates and pick-up times.